Are Lemons Good to Your Skin & Hair?


When life gives you lemons, do not put them on your skin or hair!

Lemon seems like a great choice, because it’s natural and rich in vitamin C. They can add a bright, fresh scent, help exfoliate dead skin cells, and they’re cheap — at less than $1 per lemon, rubbing a slice of lemon over your skin sounds like a cheap, easy way to get beautiful, glowing skin.

But in reality, lemons have properties that make them drying and discoloring for your skin and hair! 

For instance, the acidity of a lemon has been shown in studies to cause the hair shaft to shrink, resulting in a decreased diameter of each strand of hair. The result? Fine, limp hair.

Lemon’s acidity will affect hair dye’s ability to penetrate the hair. Lemon has a very low, highly acidic pH – 2 – acidifying subsequent solutions applied, making it harder to open the cuticle.

And for the skin, lemon is even worse. Lemon lightens the skin and hair primarily because it increases skin and hair’s sensitivity to the sun (JMCPP, 2010). As UV light hits the skin and hair, it destroys melanin within your skin and hair. Lemon accelerates the rate of this reaction, acting as what is known as a catalyst. The result? Accelerated aging of your skin — and dry hair!


In summary

Do not use lemons on your skin or hair!

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